Stop Self-Sabotoging the Success and Life that You Deserve & Start Building Your Empire

Are you a solo-entrepreneur with big ambitions, talents, and dreams that don't match your bank account?

Have you had big achievements in the past, but can't seem to maintain momentum or keeping the money you earn? 

Do you feel like your "fake it til your make it" approach is catching up to you? 

Do you feel like you constantly have to "show up" a certain way and possibly haven't fully embraced your unique space in the world?

Are your relationships suffering due to your inability to maintain high-standards and boundaries for yourself?

These are SYMPTOMS of a DEEPER issue. 

  • Break Free

    Real change requires you to break the thought patterns that created the beliefs. Will-power is not required when you rip the problem from the root.

  • Find Your Purpose

    Confusion, dissatisfaction, and resentment are all symptoms of misalignment with your life's purpose.

  • Get Results

    Learn what it takes to maintaining a high-vibration where you can take inspired action, get results, and most importantly begin living a life you enjoy.

Is this for you?

This isn't for everyone.

You know you have a big mission and purpose on this planet. 

You recognize that your life is a result of your actions and beliefs. 

You believe your dreams are possible, but don't know how to manifest your desires

You are ready for a change now 

.... then working with Mayra in a one-on-one program is perfect for you. 

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Understand your issue at a deeper level with Mayra.

So, what exactly is included?

Every individual will get a custom tailored program unique for their situation and specific issue. Some things will include:

Clarity Session 

Identify your goals and intentions for the program. This is about going deep and installing vision for your success.

Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Uncover your old beliefs with the proven and award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy.  


Powerful Recordings 

A daily meditation to rewire your brain to support your success. 

Weekly Laser Coaching with Mayra Leen

Consciously refine beliefs, get clarity, and guidance

Weekly One on One Accountability Calls with Mayra Leen

Check-in on goals, action plan, energy, get assignments and game plan to win!  

Business Strategy Sessions with Mayra Leen

As a former Fortune 100 Senior Manager turned Entrepreneur, Mayra is able to be your business strategy partner to build and grow your business. She's specializes in marketing, digital product management, and new product builds. 

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Goal Setting

Goals, results, and action are set, achieved, refined, and reviewed constantly during this program. 

Weekly Reflective Assignments 

Completely customized to you by Mayra Leen. 

Direct SMS and Email Support with Mayra

Follow-up on assignments, get immediate support, feedback, and access to Mayra via text or email. 

BONUS: Access to Productivity Workshop (On-Demand)

Mayra teaches how to structure your life and your day to be able to live with joy, intention, and results! 

Note: Every single program is custom tailored to the personal needs of the individual. These are examples of the support and guidance provided. 


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The only one-on-one comprehensive custom program that will work on your subconscious beliefs and your business.